A beautiful view from the north side of volcano Etna, Sicily, Italy

What is Sicily?

Domain of the sun, citrus smell merged with the lullaby of birds. A lazy wave on the shore, a grumble of the volcanic giant in his smoking red dress, the punctual horn of cars and motorbikes, the funny chatting people, majestic and always different views. Is this Sicily?

Difficult to enclose sensations and impressions, memories and sounds when you have the possibility to try them by yourself in an unusual immersion of history, nature and beauties.

The rhythm of this island, so fast and slow in someway, gives the visitor the idea of uniqueness. Time here is different, food is different, night and day have the characteristic of a necessary and  endless exploration. You always have the impression to need more time to spend here, not to miss some breathtaking sightseeing, to experience mythology and entertaining, so much there’s to do!

If you are searching for a travel which leads you to the origins of culture, take your breath and immerse yourself in this exciting land!